FlowCentral platform is an open-source software for building enterprise workflow applications that manage and automate business processes.

One low-code platform for your custom enterprise software needs

At FlowCentral Technologies, we recognize the intricacies involved in developing bespoke software tailored to enhance and streamline the fundamental processes driving your business operations. Our remarkably adaptable open-source low-code platform offers a comprehensive suite of software applications, libraries, and tools, empowering your business to seamlessly and efficiently digitize its operations in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Design Dashboards and Reports

Craft personalized dashboards tailored to your unique business needs. With our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you have the freedom to arrange charts and graphs to create intuitive and visually compelling representation of your data landscape.
Configure custom reports and generate comprehensive reports effortlessly, presenting your data in professionally formatted documents.

Build Tables and Forms

User experience in an enterprise software system is significantly influenced by the simplicity of searching for and retrieving records. Traditionally, search results are presented in tables, while forms serve to display or capture input data for specific records.

With the FlowCentral platform, you have the flexibility to define search inputs and leverage user-friendly drag-and-drop tools to effortlessly design tables and forms, enhancing the overall usability of your system.

Model Organization Workflows

Our workflow module offers a robust platform for orchestrating processes, ensuring seamless coordination and execution across your entire organization. You transform your business processes into efficient workflows with our user-friendly, visual workflow designer. No coding expertise required – simply drag and drop elements to create, modify, or enhance workflows.

Data Integration

The flow of information within your business processes hinges on data units moving from one point to another.  Our platform offers an intuitive interface with tools that allows you to define various types of data units and endpoints facilitating easy integration to any system and data source. 

Support for file-based data exchange, integration with relational databases (RDBMS), interaction through REST APIs and communication via messaging queues is provided out of the box.

Automatic Schema Management

When you create a new entity definition or modify an existing one, our platform seamlessly translates the changes as corresponding data schema changes to your preferred database provider. This functionality supports well-known database providers such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

Utilize Prebuilt Functional Modules

Get started with pre-designed components and functional units tailored for executing operations commonly found in enterprise software.

These modules encompass features such as user and privilege management based on roles, the definition of organizational structures spanning zones, branches, and departments, as well as dashboard viewers for real-time insights.

Additional out-of-the-box functionality includes report generation in standard file formats and work item viewers for streamlined review and approval within workflows.

Create your first FlowCentral project and have a fully functional FlowCentral instance running in 10 minutes.