Harness the inherent flexibility of the flowCentral platform to effortlessly build powerful applications that seamlessly operate in both monolithic and microservice environments.

Build your Application as a Traditional Monolith

In the fast-paced world of software development, simplicity and efficiency are key to delivering robust and enterprise applications. Embrace the power of a monolithic architecture to streamline your development process and unlock a myriad of benefits.

 FlowCentral platform offers a holistic approach to application development, consolidating all components into a single, cohesive unit. By building a monolith, you eliminate the complexities of managing multiple services, databases, and communication protocols, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional features and functionalities.

Scale your Monolith

Contrary to common misconceptions, a monolithic framework can be highly scalable, providing a solid foundation for your application’s growth without sacrificing simplicity. FlowCentral platform empowers your development team to focus on optimizing performance within a unified codebase. Scaling horizontally or vertically becomes a straightforward task, as you can efficiently allocate additional hardware resources or optimize the existing ones.

Transform your Microservice Environment

Unlock the true power of microservices with the FlowCentral platform inherent capacity to serve as the ultimate application portal. Imagine a world where your applications effortlessly tap into multiple microservices, combining their strengths to create a unified, dynamic user experience. Leverage the minimally invasive FlowCentral Interconnect Protocol for seamless integration with microservices crafted using any of the popular leading enterprise application development technologies.